Throwing Stones

by Refuge

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released April 14, 2017

Mixed and mastered by Aaron Chaparian
Written by Anthony Izworski



all rights reserved


Refuge New York, New York


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Track Name: Excision
I want nothing
Nothing to do with the bullshit and nonsense
But I can't stop this
Repressed and dug deep but it somehow still follows me

I still see the blackened earth
The walls and ceiling all covered in soot
Swallowed in ash
My fingers embracing the feeling of dirt.
(Damaged youth) Surrounded in blue
(Left alone) My eyes see the truth
Two children no shelter protecting another
There's no excuse

You had your fucking chance
I've accepted the disgusting truth for what it is.
There's no excuse that can ever be made for your pathetic actions.

I'm still
Every time I close my eyes
With every thought I've confined

I struggled well
This burdens brought me strength
There's a presence in your absence
that lingered over me
I'm better now
at least I'm trying to be

I cut you out
You will never feel remission
Forever shrouded in the dark clouds

Every thought from my mind
to rid myself of your phantom
will be excised
Track Name: Bitter
I gave up being that somebody who'd please you.
Gave up the small talk cause its just an excuse to
to fake a smile and pretend like we're close
I'd say "it's good to see you" but I'm sick of the hoax.

Fist clenched in anger
and I am nothing but a stranger to you.
I keep my distance to observe
But when the words leave your lips there's a poison that burns.

You're all sheep dressed in wolves skin
Barking like dogs just to fit in
but maybe it's me
and I'm just so bitter at every single thing that I can't see
maybe I'm the cancer,
the thorn in my own side
show me the answers.

Wish I could differentiate between
wish I could see past illusions, separate the seams.

So I'll bite my tongue
And let the blood fill my mouth
so that I won't hurt you all
by saying something that I know nothing about

Immersed in grief.
Draped in misery.
Immersed in grief
Track Name: Exposed Ft. Hunter Young of Culture Killer
There's skeletons in the closet
A pile of bones I'm forced to acknowledge
My throes, my downfall.
I can never seem to let go
but why should I have to
Why should I pretend like I don't know.

I tried to bury all the bullshit
but it dwells in the shade.
And there's a devil on my shoulder.
Why should I let you get away
Kill em all

-Feed me to the machine
or hang me from the trees
I am a man of the bastard species
I want the world to eliminate me-

I hope you peak
and underneath the light
your hollow prism manifests
what I've seen this whole time.

No color in your spectrum
Everything is black
Everything underneath the light
will be exposed
Track Name: Throwing Stones
It only takes me a momentary lapse of time
to intertwine and overwhelm myself again.
And I lost faith in stability
trying to mend these wounds
feels exactly like throwing stones into the river
Trying to skip to the other side

But the weight is overbearing
My lack of poise and composure
Forces me to the floor.

I feel filthy.
Drudging through the mud.
Buried with the worms
I hope to overcome

These wounds will never heal.
I wish that I was too numb to feel them.
Instead I fixate my eyes on the ceiling.
And sink.

I begged for death.
But there's no release.
I will never bloom
Like the lotus
My heads underwater
I see the surface
I feel the suns bliss

But I still sink.
I still hope that I can
Sew my wounds shut
Track Name: Bed Of Thorns Ft. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher
I found shelter in the warmth of your bones.
With the graze of your skin I embrace bliss.

I embrace bliss
Adapt to the rush of blood when our fingers touch
In the comfort of your radiance
I surrender to all I see in front of me.

I used to trick myself into believing
I felt nothing.

The fake embrace of solitude until I saw you.
I lost hope in anything pure.

-Id fight a million battles
And dozens of wars
No matter the cost
All for you
Healed me from others that hurt me
Showed me that this life is worth living with your love.-

I showed you wounds.
And you did the same.
I know that I'm no healer
but I wish I could ease your pain.
I am the bed of thorns that protects your rose.
And the rain will pour but I will gain strength

My devotion is eternal.

I've succumbed to your spirit.
My obsession is your affection.

I only have one question.
How does it feel to fall
to fall from heaven.
Fall from heaven